Farm for sale in Colchagua valley, Chile (Pumanque)

Pumanque, Provincia de Colchagua, Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile
Sold US$1,000,000 - FARMS
494 Acres (200 hectares)

Location:La Viñita. Comuna de Pumanque, Colchagua valley. Región de O`Higgins. CHILE.


Area: 494 Acres


Description:Beautiful property of 75 acres of flat land and 419 acres of hill.

On the hill there are springs of crystal clear waters and a fabulous native forest with a great and rich diversity of flora and fauna of Chile.


  • 1 Tranque of 400 m3 of capacity.
  • 1 Small pond of 30 m3 capacity.
  • Small vineyard of 1,000 m2 (Carmenere).
  • 4 prefabricated houses.
  • 20 horses.


Price: US$597,000 ($400,000,000 chilean pesos).

*A commission of 2% is added to all sales prices listed.

Contact information

Phone:+56 9 68373222

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Farm for sale in Colchagua valley, Chile (Pumanque)
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