Property for sale in central valley, Chile (Curicó)

Teno, Provincia de Curicó, VII Región del Maule, Chile
For Sale US$1,000,000 - PROPERTIES
232 acres (94 hectares) and 741 acres (300 hectares)

Description: Two properties for sale, one flat surface and the other property is sloped (hill), see plan in the photo gallery.


Area: 232 acres (flat property, see red polygon on the map) and 741 acres (inclined property, see black polygon on the map).


The flat property includes an irrigation canal with registred water (14.97 shares, each share is 10Ltr / second) and has a small dam of 150 m3 to accumulate water.


The property that is a hill has several natural springs with water throughout the year.


Both properties have feasibility of electric power (three phase) and potable water (water pipe).


According to studies of the property, it could be used for crops (olive, hazelnut, walnut, cherries and vineyards), as well as to develop agroindustrial projects or photovoltaic generation (for the sale of energy to the electricity grid), due to its high solar radiation. all year round this area.


Price: US$1,000,000 or $670,000,000 chilean pesos (232 acres or 94 hectares) and US$1,343,000 or $900,000,000 chilean pesos (741 acres or 300 hectares).


*A commission of 2% is added to all sales prices listed.

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Phone:+56 9 68373222

Property Zone Map

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