Property for sale in Patagonia (Chiloé island), Chile

Yaldad, Quellón, Provincia de Chiloé, Región de Los Lagos, Chile
For Sale US$1,132,000 - PATAGONIA
3,977 acres (1,610 ha)

Ideal for a nature conservation project.


Beautiful and large property located in Patagonia, Chile, on the famous Chiloé island. The property can be reached by car. The Chiloé island has a good connection with the mainland.



Total area= 1,610 hectares (Unit conversion 1 hectare = 2.47 acres).



Fantastic and idyllic property, with a great diversity of flora and fauna typical of Patagonia. It has large and ancient native trees with trails that run through various corners of this fantastic place, where 98% of the property is totally virgin and thick native forest, accompanied by rivers and streams. Regarding its flora, you can find: Mañío, Coigue, Arrayan, Luma, Tepa, Avellano and Tiaca. Regarding its fauna, it is common to see: local fox zorro del monte,  native deer pudu, small marsupial monito del monte, wild cat guiña, otters, trout, and salmon. There is also a great diversity of birds, such as: the chucaos, black woodpecker, rayadito, the aguilucho chico, the fíofío, the small hummingbird, the thrush, the cachaña, and the choroy.


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