Property for sale in Patagonia, La Junta. Chile

Patagonia, Patricio Lynch, La Junta, Cisnes, Provincia de Aysén, Región Aysén del General Carlos Ibáñez del Campo, Chile
For Sale US$214,000 - PATAGONIA
212.42 acres (86 ha)

Ideal for a nature conservation project.

Location: Spectacular property for sale located in Patagonia. It can be reached by public road (in good condition), 35 minutes from the town of La Junta.

Surface: Total area of ​​86 hectares (Unit conversion 1 hectare = 2.47 acres)

Description: Spectacular property, with a great diversity of flora and fauna typical of Patagonia. It has large and very old native trees.  Inside the property, there are streams and wetlands. This property has electrical feasibility, as there are utility poles on the public road next to the property. This property borders fiscal land to the north where there are mountains and native forest.

Regarding flora, on this property, you can find: Mañío, Coigue, Arrayan, Luma, Tepa, Avellano and Tiaca. Regarding fauna, it is common to see: Mount Fox, Pudu, Mount Monkey, Guiña Cat, etc … There is also a great diversity of birds.


* A commission of 2% is added to all sales prices listed.


Price: $ 214,000.00

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Phone:+56 9 68373222

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