Vineyard for sale in Colchagua Valley, Chile (Peralillo)

Peralillo, Provincia de Colchagua, Región del Libertador General Bernardo O'Higgins, Chile
For Sale US$2,100,000 - VINEYARDS
133 acres (53,5 Ha)

Price: $1,705,000,000 (Chilean pesos)

*Price in dollars listed only for approximate reference and will vary based on the daily exchange rate


Total area 53.5 hectares (Unit conversion 1 hectare = 2.47 acres):

-Merlot (planting yeard 1999): 7 hectares (Yield 25,000 kilograms/hectare)

-Cabernet Sauvignon (planting yeard 1999): 15 hectares (Yield 14,220 kilograms/hectare)

-Cabernet Sauvignon clone 46 (planting yeard 2012): 6.4 hectares (Yield 24,422 kilograms/hectare)

-Malbec (planting yeard 2011): 2.9 hectares (Yield 22,040 kilograms/hectare)

-Syrah (planting yeard 2011): 1.6 hectares(Yield 27,187 kilograms/hectare)

-Unplanted: 2.7 hectares (Before there was Teinturier)

-Bluberries (planting yeard 2017): 2.0 hectares (Yield 2,000 kilograms/hectare; first harvest)

-Crimson (planting yeard 2005): 5.2 hectares (Yield 41,312 kilograms/hectare)

-Jack`s salute (planting yeard 2019): 2.7 hectares.


Water rights:

43.9471 water actions + 40.8058 water actions

(Last irrigators, water from the Teno river)


-Water reservoir

-Pump house


-Dining room for workers, bathrooms and offices.


*A commission of 2% is added to all sales prices listed.

Contact information

Phone:+56 9 68373222

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Vineyard for sale in Colchagua Valley, Chile (Peralillo)
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